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• Seismic Retrofit

A Seismic Retrofit provides existing structures with more resistance to seismic activity due to earthquakes. In buildings, this process typically includes strengthening weak connections found in roof to wall connections, continuity ties, shear walls and the roof diaphragm. In the past, building codes were less stringent compared to today’s standards, thus it is a good idea to inspect buildings constructed prior to 1998, as they were built prior to current structural codes/requirements (1997 UBC). Numerous types of structures may benefit from a seismic including:
  • Concrete tilt-ups
  • Soft-Story Structures, such as those with tuck under parking or large store fronts at the 1st floor
  • Unreinforced masonry buildings (URM)
  • Non-Ductile concrete buildings
  • Retail buildings (older built of block or concrete)
  • Historical buildings
  • Parking Structures
Earthquake retrofitting adds hardware to the existing structure making it more resistant to sliding off the foundation during seismic activity. Earthquake retrofitting is an essential for California residents. TBC can make the proper modifications to your building to make it more resistant to earthquakes and more prepared to handle seismic activity. We can help prevent major structural damage when an earthquake hits and the bills that accompany it.

TBC partners with engineers, and materials providers, we will measure the building so we can figure out its weight and we can do engineering calculations. We will install all the needed material to make your building safe. We will also help you get the building permit that is needed in order to do the retrofitting.

You will have nothing to worry about we will take care of everything.

Total Building Care can improve the structural stability. Our services are designed to meet all of your seismic retrofitting and foundation repair needs.

Mandatory Code Compliance In Several Areas
  • Safer Home To Live In
  • Lower Insurance
  • Easier To Sell
  • Peace of Mind

“I highly recommend TBC.
I suffered a 6 unit 3 alarm fire at one of my complexes. TBC has been exemplary in cutting through all the red tape that is required by every agency known to man to get the demo and reconstruction project underway. They have established a communication link with the City of Irvine, I again highly commend Total Building Care.”
-Paul, Property Manager
"Dear Total Building Care,
I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to completing my three retrofit projects. There were times when I thought there was no end in sight, but you kept going and made what seemed impossible very possible. You guys are truly the BEST!"
-Maria (owner of three soft story buildings in Los Angeles)